The COLLECTORS – Make It Easy


The COLLECTORS – \’Make It Easy\’ / \’Fat Bird\’ (Warner Bros Records 7159) 1968

This blog entry completes the trilogy of Canadian psych bands with their record released on an orange label. This time around it\’s The Collectors from Vancouver with their third single but debut on Warner Bros, having released the previous two on New Syndrome in 1967.

\’Make It Easy\’ is a fast paced psychedelic rocker with killer guitar leads. This one has always been a big favourite of mine ever since I heard it in the mid 80s on the Edsel sampler \’Seventeenth Summer\’.
The top side \’Fat Bird\’ is a lot less frenetic but even less commercial. So I\’m surprised it reached as high as number 99 in the Canadian charts. \’Fat Bird\’ reminds me of US band The Charlatans with it\’s West Coast vibes.
Curiously this 45 got released in Lebanon and it\’s this label scan that is presented here.
Both sides were produced by Electric Prunes svengali Dave Hassinger.


  1. fave collectors song \”fat bird\” this one\’s super, great \”beat\” and weird lyrics…very catchy.their 45\’s are super under-rated.

  2. I love the Collectors, I have their first LP and the 45 \”Looking At a Baby\”, thanks for posting this rare one which I\’ve never seen or heard. Also been watching their \”Lydia Purple\” video on youtube.

  3. I\’m surprised that The Collectors seem to be a \’forgotten\’ band. They could certainly handly different genres with ease. I dig \’Lydia Purple\’and have never seen the footage on YouTube.Thanks for the tip-off.Expo67

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