THE ARIEL – It Feels Like I\’m Crying

The ARIEL – \’It Feels Like I\’m Crying\’ / \’I Love You\’ (Brent 7060) 1966
I wonder why this 45 has never been commercially compiled before? \’It Feels Like I\’m Crying\’ is heavy on the reverb throughout. It also has folk rockin\’ clattering tambourine but it ain\’t no folk rock tune. This is a well produced 60s rocker. Maybe the punky guitar break hints at their past.
According to the liners of Back From The Grave – Part 1 CD, they changed their name to The Ariel from The Banshees. And The Banshees greatest no hit record was the 60s punker \’They Prefer Blondes\’. The latter song was written by Jack Walters and he also wrote both songs on the Brent release.
\’I Love You\’ is a slow paced wimpy ballad. It\’s nicely sung and arranged but it\’s just too sappy for my tastes. I bet all of the chicks loved this side though. It was probably the A-side, it certainly sounds commercial enough to be an attempt on the local charts.
I\’m guessing that The Ariel were still based in the South Bay area of San Francisco when this record was released.

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