THE OFF-SET – \’You\’re A Drag\’ / \’Little Girl, Little Boy\’ (Brent 7053) 1966

Very obscure release on the Brent label, so much so that no entry for this band exists in Fuzz, Acid and Flowers. Also a quick check on the net revealed no information and they\’ve never troubled the compilers.

\’You\’re A Drag\’, written by Don Sallah is a memorable folk rocker with jangly guitar and loud bouncy bass runs. This tune rocks in a similar way to those early Turtles sides. It\’s also got some great \’put-down\’ lines. My favourite being,

\’This whole scene is fixed
You don\’t even exist
You\’re a drag\’.

The flip \’Little Girl, Little Boy\’ sounds like a pre Beatles era teener pop song. For 1966 this is just so outta touch and leads me to believe that The Off-Set were a studio incarnation. This song was written by Randy Irwin – Vinny Testa and self produced (label states a Vin-Ran Production)


  1. nice Brent Sides. I\’m currently working on a brent only compilation of tracks from 1965 till 1967. (i\’m a huge brent fan) There were a few more \”off set\” tracks released.. \”just a little smile\”, Lonely lonely night\” and \”i\’m just a clown\” all great tracks. \”you\’re a drag\” seems to pop up the most. \”just a little smile\” was the single just before \”you\’re a drag\” . I don\’t know if \”i\’m just a clown\’ was on a single, but it did pop up on a 3 record set on time records (1966) (subsidary of brent) here in Canada. Look out on my Blog soon for I\’ll be posting the Comp very soon. Peace and keep up the good work.

  2. Don Sallah is my father! Love, love love that his songs are remembered in this way! He still rocks it out on his piano at home! Wish I could get a copy of this somehow and give it to him. Best, Danielle Sallah

  3. Hello DanielleIf you can provide some information about The Off-Set email me at colinlsd1967@msn.comI'd like to the names of the band members, if and where the gigged and if any photos of the band survive etc.Any good information and I'll send you an MP3 of both sides of this 45in 320 kbps.Colin (blog moderator)

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