THE COUNTRY GENTLEMEN – \’Saturday Night\’ / \’For You\’ (Brent 7058) 1966

Garage Beat \’66 Volume 1 on Sundazed recently compiled this teen punker and the liners tell the tale of two brothers and their school friends who formed a band but were too young to play Clubs so had to play at Party\’s and Barbeques. Fortunately for them a Brent associate attended one such barbeque and he managed to get them a one record deal.

\’Saturday Night\’ written by William Alessi, shows a band at their musical limits. I just wonder how crude this would have sounded if they did not have the backing of the professional studios Brent had to offer. The song even contains a rudimentary Who style mod rave-up. It\’s all classy garage music of course and any 60s punk fan will dig this raver.

The flip \’For You\’ written by bass player Don Droege (the label shows this surname but Sundazed liners state Drodge) is a pleasant Brit Invasion style pop song and can only be found on my comp Gear! Volume 6.

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  1. Great interview. I picked up Saturday Night a few weeks ago from a French dealer, a steal (in my opinion anyway!) for 30 euros

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