LARRY TAMBLYN – Summer Clothes

LARRY TAMBLYN – \’Summer Clothes\’ / \’Music For Summer Clothes\’ (Sunburst Records 772) 1968

The Standells organist released this solo 45 after the \’Dirty Water\’ cats had broken up. Don\’t expect commercial garage on this record. Larry (as he was billed on the label) serves up a lite psych tune. It\’s interesting to note that he wrote the song. He wasn\’t very prolific in The Standells. As far as I know his only appearance as a songwriter was with the ultra cool \’Mr Nobody\’. This is possibly my all time favourite Standells rocker.

He certainly had an array of hip studio guys helping him with this Sunburst release. Ed Cobb is of course the notable producer of both The Standells and The Chocolate Watch Band. The Engineers Bill Cooper and Richie Podolor had also previously worked with the Watch Band as studio engineers. Podolor wrote \’Expo 2000\’ and \’Dark Side Of The Mushroom\’. He also produced Iron Butterfly and Steppenwolf.

Arrangers Ethon McElroy and Don Bennett were also in The Chocolate Watch Band camp. As well as arranging for them they also co wrote cool songs \’Are You Gonna Be There? (At The Love In) and \’Gossamer Wings\’. Don Bennett of course provided the vocals on some of the songs on the Watchband\’s \’No Way Out\’ LP.

The flip is an instrumental of \’Summer Clothes\’

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