Les 5 GENTLEMEN – L.S.D. 25 EP


Les 5 GENTLEMEN – L.S.D. 25 EP (Riviera 231 212) 1966

Qu\’as-tu Katioucha?
L.S.D. 25
Je te veux

I\’ve liked pretty much everything I\’ve heard by this Marseilles band (that\’s in France for those of you with a geography bi-pass). All songs on this EP were written by bass player/vocalist Jean Fredenucci and three out of the four get my seal of approval.

\’Qu\’as-tu Katioucha\’ is on my forthcoming Circles One comp. It\’s got a commercial sound with an almost folk rock appeal. BUT, this ain\’t got no jangle, instead it has pleasant harmonica and organ fills. \’Je te veux\’ is a mod swinger with cool organ. A very European sound. Not many USA garage bands went for this kinda mod sound.

\’L.S.D. 25\’ is perhaps my favourite 5 Gentlemen tune. I dig psych and this one is classy freakbeat verging on full blown psychedelia. Remember that the EP was released in 1966 so this French outfit were maybe ahead of the game in some respects.
\’Olivier\’ is a slow and plodding tune that doesn\’t really go anywhere.

band members:
Jean Fredenucci (bass/vocals)
Francois Paoli (guitar)
Claude Olmos (guitar)
Guy Matteoni (organ)
Michel Donat (drums)

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  1. i have talked about \”je te veux\” on my own blog (requiem pour un twister) i just love it!i have only their best known ep in vinyl including \”si tu reviens chez moi\” and \”dis nous dylan\”

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