OLA & The JANGLERS – \’Surprise, Surprise\’ / \’No No No\’ (Funckler SO 42.813) 1966

Classy mod beat double sider from Swedish band Ola & The Janglers. Both sides rip with teen punk energy. They tackle The Rolling Stones\’ \’Surprise, Surprise\’ with gusto and I probably prefer the \’Janglers version. Fabulous hammond organ elevates this on a one way trip to coolsville.

And just when you think it can\’t get any better just flip the record over any get groovin\’ to Christer Idering\’s \’No No No\’. Wow! more fantastic organ solos with raw vocals and punky beat guitar. This one is a mod dancer for the ladies…..

Both songs feature on their \’66 LP. Grab that if you can.
The cover of the pictured 45 is the Dutch release. The Swedish and Italian covers are different.


Ola Hakansson (vocals, tambourine, maraccas)
Johannes Ohlsson (organ, piano)
Christer Idering (guitar)
Ake Eldsater (bass)
Leif Johansson (drums)

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