NOEL DESCHAMPS – Ah, Si J\’avais Pense

Noel Deschamps – \’Ah, Si J\’avais Pense\’ EP (RCA Victor 86.162) 1966

French singer Noel Deschamps really delivers the goods with this \’66 EP of covers. The big action killer is of course \’Ah, Si J\’avais Pense\’. In English, titled \’Would I Still Be Her Big Man\’. For those in the know, you\’ll be diggin\’ The Brigands original version (check it out on Back From The Grave Volume 2)
The other decent cover is \’Curieux Docteur\’. In English, titled \’I\’m Your Witch Doctor\’ Deschamps\’ version isn\’t in the same league as John Mayall and The Bluesbreakers, but it\’s still a pretty good effort.

Top marks should also go to the designer of the EP sleeve. They just don\’t make them as cool as this anymore.


Ah, Si J\’avais Pense
On Se Moque De Toi Laiise Dire
C\’est Pas La Peine
Curieux Docteur


  1. i have two eps by Noel Deschamps, one includes his nice cover of \”bird diggin\” (c\’est pour le pied) and the other covers of the zombies and tom jones (it\’s ok but not good as \”pour le pied\”)curieux doctor is fine (even if the original as you said it is better)

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