MAQUINA! – Lands Of Perfection

MAQUINA! – \’Lands Of Perfection\’ / \’Let\’s Get Smash\’ (Diablo D.B.1.S) 1969

Maquina! were a four piece band from the Catalan district of Northern Spain and this was their first 45. It\’s got a big reputation on the European mod DJ scene, and quite rightly so. It\’s also not an easy record to find in decent shape with the cover.

\’Lands Of Perfection\’ has a trippy hammond opening flourish in similar style to the groovier Brian Auger and The Trinity cuts. Infact, this is one of those great hammond organ dominated tracks. The singing is below average and is a bit wavery and high pitched. Made sense that Maquina! would evolve into a prog/jazz outfit in the early 70s where those type of vocals would be better suited.
The song is a typical late 60s period piece that kinda ends with brass and a similar chord structure to \’Hey Jude\’, everybody\’s least favourite Beatles hit. But don\’t let that put you off. This tune is a blast.

\’Let\’s Get Smash\’ is the title on the label but I think the words have been incorrectly transposed in English by some Spanish bloke, probably more interested in fitting in a 3 hour afternoon siesta than getting a song title right. So I reckon the proper title is \’Let\’s Get Smashed\’. Funnily enough there are few lines spoken in the song which is predominately an instrumental.
The following lyrics all indicate to a good old fashioned drinking session down the pub:

\’What do you want fellas?\’

\’I\’ll have a pint.\’

\’Get us a lime and bitter pet.\’

All you need to know is the fact that \’Let\’s Get Smashed\’ is a fine uptempo Small Faces type instro with snappy piano and a danceable mod beat, if dancin\’ is your bag. Personally I think dancin\’ is for women only. Men look like jerks doing it.

So, all in all, this 45 has two classy mod songs and a cool picture cover. I don\’t mind spending ££££s on these type of artyfacts. By the way, both songs have never been compiled before which is a little strange!


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