The THREE O\’CLOCK – Baroque Hoedown

The THREE O\’CLOCK – \’Baroque Hoedown\’ mini LP (Lolita 5003) 1983

I\’ve been reminiscing about the start of my obsession with the 60s and my mind was cast way back to 1983 when i picked this album up by the Three O\’Clock. It was around 1982/83 when this \’obsession\’ really took hold.

Prior to this time period I\’d listened to The Beatles and The Kinks but I was more interested in 70s punk. But i think my mind was all shook up with psychedelia when I first saw \’The Unguarded Moment\’ promo video in \’82 on an English rock show called \’The Old Grey Whistle Test\’. After witnessing The Church and their cool promo, paisley shirts and a Rickenbacker 12 string, there was only one path to follow.
Trouble is, this obsession 26 years later has probably cost me about £100,000 on records and CDs. That\’s probably how much I\’ve laid out since seeing those Church guys on TV. (ha ha ha)

Anyway, back to The Three O\’Clock. This mini LP was probably the 2nd or 3rd neo psych/garage album I ever bought. The first was definately The Church debut then it could have been The Chesterfield Kings \’Here Are The….\’

Even after all these years \’Baroque Hoedown\’ is a mighty fine collection. I still have no idea what a \’Cantaloupe Girlfriend\’ is, the cover of \’Feel A Whole Lot Better\’ is fantastic, so is the cover of Pink Floyd\’s \’Lucifer Sam\’. And I haven\’t even mentioned their interpretation of \’Sorry\’ originally done by The Easybeats of course. This one rocks!!

What a fuckin\’ cool record. Also reading the liners I noticed that Will Glenn of The Rain Parade played violin on \’Marjorie Tells Me\’….

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  1. If you really like this record, you ought to consider their follow up (full length LP), Sixteen Tambourines. Great 60\’s stuff on there also.

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