THE HIGHER STATE – If We Don\’t Realise


THE HIGHER STATE – \’If We Don\’t Realise\’ / \’And In Time\’ (State Records 001) 2007

Absolutely brilliant double sided slab of garage psych coolness. Totally authentic in every way. The thing that would confuse hip 60s martians dropping down to planet Earth and finding this record is the year of release on the label…2007!!! Surely they would believe this was an artifact from an L.A band circa mid \’66.
\’If We Don\’t Realise\’ is an infectious punk jangler with great vocals from singer Marty Ratcliffe. He was the frontman of the ultra cool Mystreated in the 90s. This song is a masterpiece.

The other side is the frenzied fuzz punker \’And In Time\’. This cut has an awesome freakbeat \’scattergun\’ drumming style like those fabulous Keith Moon backbeats when The Who were still cocky London mods.

Both songs were written by Mole Lambert ex Mystreated and Embrooks. It also appears that they self produced this monstrous record in mono..They did a fine job. Oh yes, the 45 is a limited run of 500. Grab yours while you still can.

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