Ever wondered what freakbeat is? This term was made up in the mid 80s to describe the transitional phase between Beat and Pop-Art Psychedelia. \’Freakbeat\’ is usually embellished with a great guitar solo, pounding drums, dynamic throbbing bass, guitar feedback with distortion and slashing chords, as defined by the seminal early Who.

Played it today real loud and probably pissed my next door neighbour off. But Freakbeat is meant to be played LOUD. This collection is killer but it\’s now hard to find and long out of print.
Bought my copy in the mid 90s from a record shop in Notting Hill, London.

Those mean looking thugs on the cover are a band from Liverpool called The Wimple Winch. They\’re most definately angry young men and look the complete opposite to their more famous Liverpudlian counterparts The Beatles.

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