The TROGGS – Feels Like A Woman


The TROGGS – \’Feels Like A Woman\’ / \’Everything\’s Funny\’ (Pye 4110) 1972

It\’s 1972 and The Troggs have long since had their heyday and the hits have dried up. Now prog and glam rock is all around. Weird lookin\’ blokes with long hair, beards, lipstick and glitter pasted on their faces wearing their girlfriend\’s clothes is what\’s happening!

So it\’s with much relief that the Troggs still know how to rock like club wielding cavemen. \’Feels Like A Woman\’ written by leader Reg Pressley is a long forgotten bone crunchin\’, speaker shredding B-Side that will probably never feature on any Troggs \’Best Of\’ collections. It\’s just too damned tough and in your face.

Dig these lyrics:

I never thought you were groovy
I looked on you like a child.
I never dreamed you could move me,
Now you\’re drivin\’ me wild.

The top side \’Everything\’s Funny\’ sounds like what it is (ie) early 70s rock and roll with strings and things. Not my cuppa T but I\’m sure others would be interested.
This is the French picture sleeve release on Pye.

THE TROGGS – Feels Like A Woman

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