JOHNNY HALLYDAY – A Tout Casser EP (Philips 437.428 BE) 1967

The title track from this 4 song EP sounds like a low budget \’Purple Haze\’. It\’s got the same guitar riff with added wah wah leads and of course Johnny Hallyday\’s strong vocals. This is easily the stand out on this 1967 release and is from the French film soundtrack titled \’A Tout Casser\’ (of course).
\’Cheval D\’Acier\’ is also from the film soundtrack and kind of rips off The Beatles \’ Got To Get You Into My Life\’. On both songs Hallyday was backed by English musicians Micky Jones and Tommy Brown. These two Brits are perhaps better known as the due The State Of Micky and Tommy.
I really dig the pop psych of \’Quand L\’aigle Est Blesse\’. Jim Sullivan gives the tune a baroque feel with the added strings and flute. The other cut on the EP \’Ma Vie A T\’Aimer\’ is a crooner style pop song and outside the bounds of all that is cool on my blog \’Renaissance Fair\’. But no one can complain at getting three good songs from a 45.

Has anyone seen the film \’A Tout Casser?\’

JOHNNY HALLYDAY – \’A Tout Casser\’ MP3


  1. ThanksI did a quick look on Youtube before i made the post and was amazed at how much footage of Johnny Hallyday was on there. I\’ve got 5 EPs in my collection and each one has something of merit.I\’m not aware that any decent \’Best Of\’ has been released.

  2. no decent best ofbut some really good tracks here and there, i\’m sure you already know \”psychédélic\” a great track with guitar lead played by jimmy pagerealy great stuff

  3. Hi there Expo..hope you dont mind if I add a link to this post cause im posting this ep with full covers.CheersPablo

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