TAGES – Fuzzy Patterns

TAGES – \’Fuzzy Patterns\’ / \’I\’m Going Out\’ (Odeon SD 6005) April 1967

Tages were a popular 60s band from Gothenberg in Sweden but I\’m not sure if that popularity extended beyond their home country. This 45 picture sleeve is the Danish release so maybe they enjoyed some success in Denmark. Who knows?

\’I\’m Going Out\’ was the top side and it\’s a typical 60s pop affair with Hollies style backing vocals. Unfortunately no one could complete with The Hollies in the harmony stakes so this song sounds like a poor imitation to me.
The B-side \’Fuzzy Patterns\’ is far more interesting. With a good song title like that you\’ll be pleased to know that it IS a freakbeat mover with a curious trippy mid song break.

TAGES – Fuzzy Patterns MP3


  1. I can tell you that Tages were hugely popular throughout Scandinavia, but not much beyond. Great choice of song from them. I myself remember expecting great things on the basis of the song title alone when I first picked up their Contrast LP, which included both sides!It\’s not \”The Tages\”, by the way, it\’s \”Tages\”, meaning \”Tage\’s\” in English; in other words, the \”s\” is not plural, it\’s possessive. Tage was the middle name of rhythm guitarist Danne Larsson. It was common for Swedish bands to have as their name that of a member (usually the leader) put in the genitive case: if it was Sture\’s band, it was called \”Stures\”, if Erik\’s, it was called \”Eriks\”. This naming convention originated among the showbands catering to adults, but it was adopted tongue-in-cheek by many teenage bands besides Tages: Ragges, Fabians, Ackes, Gaggas, Jean Lundens, and so on (and here in Finland, Jormas, named after their manager).

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