BILLY JOE ROYAL – \’Hush\’ / Watching From The Bandstand\’ (CBS 3044) 1967

Excelent cover of Joe South\’s \’Hush\’. Infact the latter produced this effort.
Billy Joe Royal hailed from Georgia in USA and had a few earlier hits, none of which I\’ve ever heard. It appears that he also had some success and recognition in Europe, especially with the mod scenesters and Northern Soul crowd.
I only bought this 45 cos I dig the desert boots Billy is wearing in this picture!

The flip \’Watching From The Bandstand\’, again co written and produced by Joe South, is an uninteresting pop song with a soul vibe.

The 45 shown is the Dutch release.



  1. Billy Joe\’s first hit was Down In the Boondocks. He is still touring and performing and still hits the high notes!Can you post the B side please? Watching From the Bandstand? I\’ve never heard that one.Billy was living here in Ohio when he hit it big and we saw him all the time around here.

  2. That Down In The Boondocks single was one my Mom used to play endlessly in the basement trying to learn or invent an organ part to it. To my sensitive mind the basement became \’the boondocks\’ mentioned by that tinny echoing voice coming from a little box down there! I still get a little bit of a chill to think of this record. I never could tell if Billy was a boy or girl from listening, but I felt badly for this apparently trapped and tormented soul down in that mournful place. Only my Dad\’s basement rendition of Bad Moon Risin\’ gave me stronger nightmares…

  3. Yes PLEASEEE post the flip side \” Watching From The Bandstand\” – Great Blog you have. Thank you very much ! Bob

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