MARK LEEMEN FIVE – Going To Bluesville


MARK LEEMAN FIVE – \’Forbidden Fruit\’ / \’Going To Bluesville\’ (Columbia DB 7812) January 1966

The third Mark Leeman Five single was largely ignored by the record buying public in England. I suppose the record was fortunate to be released at all, having had their lead singer killed in a car crash the previous Summer.
\’Forbidden Fruit\’ was chosen as the top side and it\’s awful. This kinda dirge just ain\’t my bag. The Nashville Teens beat Mark Leeman Five to the punch and released their version first which became a minor UK hit. Some damsel called Nina Simone had a hit with this song in the very early 60s. But trust me folks when I say it\’s a square song for 60s squares. If you dig shite like Gerry & The Pacemakers it could be your \’sound\’.

The flip \’Going To Bluesville\’ is far superior in every way. Classy and intelligent R\’n\’B with a cool guitar break and organ. This song may never have never been a hit if it was the A-side but who cares when it\’s easily better than the song that was chosen (probably by their squaresville Manager)… according to the liners from the \’See For Miles\’ retrospective collection \’Going To Bluesville\’ was just a demo recorded before Mark Leeman\’s death (obviously).

Both sides were produced by Denny Cordell who was the producer for better known bands like The Moody Blues, The Move, Procol Harum and Joe Cocker.

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