BILL FAY – Some Good Advice

BILL FAY – \’Some Good Advice\’ / \’Scream In The Ears\’ (Deram DM 143) 25/08/1967
This outstanding psychedelic 45 is part of the Decca Psych masters Box of singles put out by Acme Records. All six records chosen are from the Decca archives. The label Deram was set up by Decca for the more progressive outfits of the time.
I recommend this Box of singles to anymore interested in English 60s psychedelia. All records are exact reproductions and far superior to those horrible bootleg repros that have been doing the rounds lately. Acme have used the analogue masters and the services of technicians at Abbey Road Studios, London to create these beautiful 45s.

I\’ve chosen to focus on the Bill Fay 1967 release on Deram. \’Some Good Advice\’ has been a firm favourite of mine ever since I heard it on 80s comp \’Deram Dayze\’. It\’s a psych masterpiece underpinned by melancholic mellotron creating that perfect English psychedelic sound. The vocals are pretty damned great and to my ears sound exactly like Syd Barrett. Infact the sound on this record is pure Syd, even down to the childlike lyrics:

\’If you want to build a shed
Go ahead and build a shed.
And if you want to ride a bike,
Ride your bike if you like\’.

The flip \’Scream In The Ears\’ is another winner with obscure lyrics. Bill Fay sounds really pissed off here as if someone has given him some bad acid or something.

BILL FAY – Some Good Advice MP3


  1. That set looks gorgeous, I love a good repro! Thanks for the heads up…beccabear

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