LES SUNLIGHTS – I Need You EP (Disques Vogue EPVB. 002) 1966

French band Les Sunlights appeared to have more success in Belgium. The EP pictured is the Belgium release. The French release is housed in a different cover. I prefer this moody shot of the band.

Les Sunlights were a typical Beat/RnB group and as with most bands of this ilk their repertoire was only half successful. The RnB numbers were pretty much solid efforts in the Kinks/Pretty Things sound but most of their beaty sides don\’t warrant continued plays.

Best cut on the EP is a band original \’I Need You\’ written by Bruno Cogoni.

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  1. i have talked about the same track 3 days after you (on \”requiem pour un twister), funny coincidence!really a nice track, one of their best actually (with \”c\’est fini\” or \”gadget suspect\”)

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