I found this picture of The Truth in a copy of Texas music magazine \’Not Fade Away\’..this fanzine type paper was issued in early 1977. Seems the right time to re show this review of their 45 I wrote back in August 07.


TRUTH – \’Chimes On 42nd Street\’ / \’When Was Then\’ (Mark Ltd MR 1009) 1968

The Kenny and the Kasuals story is well documented elsewhere, suffice to say that they were one of the top live attractions in the Dallas Fort Worth area with plenty of local hit singles and a pretty good LP called \’Impact\’.

The band headed to New York in the summer of 1967 to play gigs and rustle up label interest but sadly the gigs were marred by arguments and a lack of label interest. They returned to Dallas and singer Kenny Daniels was either sacked by the rest of the band or he quit or he was drafted depending on who was recounting the story.

The rest of the Kasuals with the addition of Dale Bramhall renamed themselves Truth and released this hard to find 45 on Mark Lee\’s record label.

\’Chimes On 42nd Street\’ is psychy with freaky guitar sounds and a constant pumping bass line which is high in the mix. I prefer the other side \’When Was Then\’. This song is a slow paced, melodic psychedelic folk rocker. All the essentials are present such as tambourine, harmonica, tabla and classy acoustic guitar.
Both songs were written by lead guitarist Jerry Smith.

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