The PRIMATES – I Ain\’t Like You

The PRIMATES – \’I Ain\’t Like You\’ (Voxx 200.034) 1986

This fuzzed up slab of primate mayhem is from their LP \’We Are The Primates\’…Seek and you shall find my garage friends. I\’ll focus on this song which is true teen punk genius and for my money way better than an awful lot of so called \’classics\’ from the \’66 original teen punk bands. \’I Ain\’t Like You\’ was written by guitarist Ted Edlefsen and singer Erik Bluhm.

The Primates were originally from Youngstown, Ohio but moved to Los Angeles sometime in 1985. They were obviously spotted by the Voxx crowd and a 12 track album was released the following year, produced by Greg Shaw and Brett Gurewitz.

Other than this small bit of information I know nothing about the band but would love to know more! This record got played a ton of times in the mid 80s by myself and The Mourning After crowd.

Brian Corrigan (drums)
Ted Edlefsen (guitar and fuzz)
Erik Bluhm (vocals, tambourine, maraccas)
Brett Miller (bass)



  1. Hey,We weren\’t really from Ohio. We were from Manhattan Beach, Calif. Same area as Black Flag, the Descendents, Red Cross, the Last. Red Cross gave us their old amps and we played with them sometimes. We played Seeds and Stooges and Flamin Groovies tunes then. By \’84 we were heavy into garage and got laughed at at school for wearing beatle boots and turtlenecks. Brett went out with Melanie from the Pandoras so we hung out with them a lot. Brian left and we got Eric from the Leopards (I think) for a couple shows and then Gene from the Miracle Workers for a little while. On Aint Like You Ted used the built in fuzz on his Vox guitar and an old Vox fuzz pedal that he \”borrowed\” from the Morlocks. We hated the production then because we thought the producer used too many mikes. Sky Saxon was there when we recorded it, smoking pot with us. It\’s an anti-parent record.

  2. Hi,We were from Manhattan Beach. I was in The Primates, but I got kicked out due to poor guitar skills. Boo hoo. Such is life. I was in the band before this record came out. I never played live with them outside the garage. I was out before they conquered the clubs.I am a little relieved that they didn\’t become rich and famous like The Beatles; I would be another Pete Best. I wrote Sometimes She, though the band added the last verse since the song was too short. This song was not credited to me. And, like the other blogger said, we were considered unusual to the 80\’s Manhattan Beach crowd. I am glad I had the experience of being friends with these guys because Manhattan Beach was pretty dull at the time.

  3. i bought this alblum when i was 13. still listen everday..the creep!!!!!!! sids tattoo parlor santa ana ca if you ever wanna come play it or check oout i have it there. we play records in the shop….thanks sid

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