The NUTHINS – Thoughts And Visions

The NUTHINS – \’Thoughts And Visions\’ / \’You\’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away\’ (Twist Records 23) 1999

The last record ever released by English band The Nuthins is a sparkling two sided slab of coolness. \’Thoughts And Visions\’ is fabulous with lots of fuzz action. Got to dig the production on this also by someone simply called Justin.
The flip is of course The Beatles tune. Here The Nuthins stay faithful to the original and really do the song justice. This 45 has the Expo seal of approval if anyone is in doubt.

Richie (drums)
Bob (organ)
Marcus (vocals on \’Thoughts And Visions)
Andy (bass)
Mojo Mills (guitar and vocals on \’You\’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away)
The NUTHINS – Thoughts And Visions MP3 (mono)


  1. Between you and me mate, you don't really want to hear what we have done to The Beatles.. however, you will when it comes out on The Nuthins' Rev-Ola anthology due in 2010.

  2. The Beatpack have been shortlisted a couple of times for an entry on my blog (along with many others) but I've not had the will. Maybe the nect time I do one of my popular (ha ha ha) Top 50s they will gain an entry.

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