THE OTHERS – That\’s Your Problem\’ / \’You Don\’t Believe Me\’ (Zebrah Records 004) 1996

I\’ve long since forgiven those Romans for invading England then raping and pillaging my fellow countrymen 2000 years ago. So I salute Rome band The Others as being my favourite Italian band.

This 45 on small Belgium label Zebrah Records was limited to 500 copies so is a future collectable. Previous releases on Zebrah Records were by The Purple Merkins, The Ultra 5 and 50 Foot Combo.

Both sides of this record are cover versions done in The Others usual style of care and attention. \’You Don\’t Believe Me\’ is of course The Pretty Things folk jangler and the other side is a version of the Splinter-Tax \’66 tune \’That\’s Your Problem\’….

Songs recorded at Delta Studio, Rome on 13th May 1996

Bruno Apostoli (bass and background vocals)
Giuliano (drums)
Fabrizio (guitar)
Massimo del Pozzo (lead vocals, 6 & 12 string guitar, harp)

Bruno and Massimo are responsible for cool Italian fanzine \’Misty Lane\’

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