SUMMER SNOW – \’Flying On The Ground\’ / Your Thoughts Have Wings\’ (Capitol P 2031) 10/1967

Two sides of soft pop from a band calling themselves Summer Snow. \’Flying On The Ground\’ is the Neil Young song that can be found on the Buffalo Springfield debut album but the song is titled \’Flying On The Ground Is Wrong\’. I comped this tune on Gear! 4.
The flip \’Your Thoughts Have Wings\’ has twee male/female vocals and is predominately acoustic guitar based. This song was written and produced by Rusty Evans and Dan Dalton.

Could this be the same Rusty Evans whose real name is Marcus Uzilevsky and was a one time New York folk singer from Greenwich Village? He changed his name to Rusty Evans and submerged himself in the flourishing psychedelic scene. He led obscure psych band The Deep who released \’Psychedelic Moods\’ in late 1966 then recorded as The Freak Scene of \’Psychedelic Psoul\’ fame (or lack of)…
Rusty Evans then moved to L.A. and worked as a producer for the Take Six label and also had time to write \’I Dig Your Mind\’ recorded by garage psych band The Nervous Breakdowns.

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