RANDY S and The WESTWOOD PAPER – Haight Ashbury Blues

RANDY S & The WESTWOOD PAPER – \’Haight Ashbury Blues\’ / Haight Ashbury Blues instrumental (American Gramophone Label 6-667) 1967

This 45 is of it\’s time and as the title suggests is a hippie lament of how bad the once thriving Haight Ashbury became after all the pimps, losers and thugs moved in hoping to make money out of the San Francisco hippie scene.
The flip is an instrumental. I guess Randy Sparks didn\’t have another song.


  1. For an in-depth documentary treatment of the decline of the Haight, also see We are the People Our Parents Warned Us Against – A Close-up of the Whole Hippie Scene, by Nicholas Von Hoffman, published in 1968. This was the book I found on my parents\’ shelf that made me dive into my lifelong study of the counterculture. I discovered the pleasures of the music, naturally. By the way, I love your blog. You are very gracious to take the time to post so many songs and tantalizing images, and to put together compilations as you do. I will be contacting you soon for some CDs. I found you indirectly, courtesy of some searches I did after listening to a few of the podcasts posted on Julian Cope\’s bizarre and delightful site. I\’ll be in touch.Cheers — Amy Splitt, Blacksburg, Virginia, USA

  2. Thanks for taking time out to make a comment on my blog. Keep checking it out from time to time for more obscure 60s 45s from the psych era.It\’s funny that you found my site via Julian Cope. I remember reading an article he did for Sounds magazine way back in the early 80s (I\’ve still got the cutting) so I know he\’s been into 60s underground music and the sub-culture for quite some time

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