THE MODELS – \’Bend Me, Shape Me\’ / \’In A World Of Pretty Faces\’ (MGM K13775) 1966

According to Fuzz, Acid & Flowers this version of \’Bend Me, Shape Me\’ by The Models was the first and after it flopped The American Breed covered it and had a massive hit record. Now that\’s a cryin\’ shame cos apparently The Models were in fact a group made up of Vogue models.
I would have preferred to see a bunch a pretty long legged cuties lip-synching to this song on You Tube than the totally squaresville American Breed.
Oh well, in my EXPO67 world I can dream about those swingin\’ 60s chicks and what could have been.

This version of \’Bend Me, Shape Me\’ has been psychedelicalized to the max. Producer Tom Wilson has set his controls to the heart of the sun and it\’s a groovy freak-out.
The flip \’In A World Of Pretty Faces\’ is a gentle psychedelic baroque ballad with harpsichord and strings \’n\’ things.

Songwriting partnership Scott English and Larry Weiss wrote \’Bend Me, Shape Me\’ as well as other memorable songs such as \’Help Me Girl\’ recorded by The Animals, \’Sweet Medusa\’ by Bead Game, \’Hi-Ho Silver Lining\’ by Jeff Beck and \’Pop Corn Double Feature\’ by The Searchers.


  1. No posting of \’In A World Of Pretty Faces\’…I compiled it on one of my comps called Gear! It\’s on volume 10 and is available to buy for £5.

  2. Overwhelming awesomeness, my favorite cover of a great pop song. I used this version on a Gumby radio show this month after creator Art Clokey died. It was perfect to accompany Clokey's reminiscences about his '60s era LSD psychotherapy.

  3. According to Wikipedia, The Outsiders did the first version of this song. I prefer the models version. Does anyone have more information about this band? I´ve searched the net and there's not much abot them.

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