CRIMSON TYDE – \’Fire\’ / \’Neighborhood Girl\’ (Kascade KK-101) 1969

This band appear to be undocumented. In all the years I\’ve been buying original 60s records and receiving set sale lists from dealers I\’ve never seen this one offered for sale. So I assume copies are not exactly falling from the trees. Maybe it\’s because the disc was released in 1969 that garage collectors the world over haven\’t sought out this one?
Or maybe it\’s because they cover Jimi Hendrix. Now that ain\’t exactly a garage punk thing to do in some circles. I happen to love it of course!


\’Neighborhood Girl\’ was written by Ken Marvel who was only 16 years old at the time and played keyboards in Crimson Tyde. The song sounds garagey and to me and could easily be mistaken for something recorded two or three years earlier. Some pleasing organ and a memorable touch of fuzz guitar elevate this one above the average.

The cover of \’Fire\’ is brilliant. They sound like The Moving Sidewalks which of course is a cool thing. More fuzz guitar and psych leads. Nice organ touches also. This 45 is a winner.
The Crimson Tyde were probably from Beaumont, Texas.

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