THE LOLLIPOP FANTASY – \’Waiting For A Dream\’ / \’It\’s a Groovy World\’ (Era Records 3193) late 1967

I love these kind of records from USA when nothing is known about the band etc. I\’ve checked a couple of reference books and this outfit are a mystery. Who knows how they ended up recording a 45 for Era Records?

\’Waiting For A Dream\’ written by Tony Young is a pleasant pop psych tune with finger cymbals and flute. It floats along in an Association kind of way. Those looking for danger and fuzz need to look elsewhere because you\’re not gonna find it on this disc.

\’It\’s A Groovy World\’ written by Jory Richards has the same vibe and is possibly the more commercial sounding side. I dig this lite psych, especially the vocal harmonies. This is most definitely a record for the Summer of 1967.

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