The ROGUES – Say You Love Me (THUNDERBIRD) 1967


The ROGUES – ’Say You Love Me’ / ’Secondary Man’ (Thunderbird Records 507) 1967

The Rogues hailed from Buffalo, New York and were the same Rogues that released the awesome folk punk jangler ’You Better Look Now’ on Audition in 1966. Check it out on Teenage Shutdown Volume 5. The R’n’B rave up ’Train Kept A Rollin’ can be heard on Teenage Shutdown Volume 14.

Back to this 45 on Thunderbird. Here The Rogues sound like a completely different band than on their earlier offering. The A-Side ’Say You Love Me’ is a straight 60s pop song in the style of The Association.

Their song ’Windy’ comes to mind. It still remains uncompiled but I’ll be giving it a run out on Gear! 10.

The excellent flip ’Secondary Man’ was compiled on my comp ’Timelapse Jangle’. Its a magical slice of Beatlesesque ’Revolver’ era psychedelia with stunning backwards tape effects.

My Rogues Gallery can be found here

One of my cyber friends sent me this related information about The Rogues.

Just wanted to call your attention to the songwriterz ”Calandra/Mallaber” on The Rogues single. Tom Calandra waz the bass player in another Buffalo band RAVEN, who cut a couple of singlez and an album for Columbia Recordz.

A live album recorded at local club The Inferno also waz released on a small label Discovery Recordz by a former manager. Gary Mallaber waz the drummer in thiz same band and went on to major fame playing with Van Morrison (Moondance) and the Steve Miller Band among otherz.

Tom Calandra (now deceased) waz a very close friend of mine and I know Gary also. Currently he iz drumming for the Chicago Bluez Reunion project with Harvey Mandel, etc. Thought I’d send you some trivia.
Best alwayz—-

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  1. yeah The Rogues made great records and the A side was written by two of the fellows in the Raven who toured in England and were wanted for Apple Records by George Harrison. And you should hear the version of Secondary Man they cut six months before this one. It tears this one to shreds.

  2. The Rogues were the Best !!! They could sound exactly like any of the bands whose songs they played, Beatles, Stones, R & B groups, etc. When they did concerts back in the 1960's girls would scream as if it was the Beatles. They released 3 \”45's\” but it seemed like the B sides were always the best, like Secondary Man and You Better look Now. Michael Spriggs, the lead guitarist has had the best post-Rogues career playing with CW bands in Nashville, and is still an A-list session player. Love them still !!Does anyone have any tapes of any of their live performances???

  3. Also, you mentioned Raven aka the Rising Sons with Tommy Calandra and Gary Malabar. The lead singer was Tony Galla, who is still singing and playing blues in Los Angeles, California. He is still awesome. I saw him recently and he did a great imitation of a duet that James Brown and Luciano Pavarotti did of It's a Man's world. Tony Galla sang both parts to perfection.. now that's talent. check out him doing a 60's hit, In Love…

  4. Hello!Can anyone post the lyrics of \”Secondary Man\”? And please share the earlier version of this song!

  5. My father in law was the guitarist in The Rogues and he has stuff that I can post when he gives me the opportunity to!

  6. Vivienne – There's loads of info and pics of The Rogues on my site if you follow the links.Any other info/pics always appreciated …tanks

  7. In was a drummer when I met Bob Radel and Michael Spriggs in 1965. I became good friends with all the guys and moved equiptment for the band and occasionaly jammed with them at practice. Gary Jaros was a tough act to follow!!! As people mention here The Rogues were truly a talent… Over the last 45 years I remain good friends with Michael Spriggs. It would be great to find out where Bob Radel is?

  8. I followed this band and even danced in the cages at the Rogues Gallery. These were great times. Where is Bob Radel?

  9. Is this the band that recorded the song I believe was called \”Me/You?\” If so, I've always thought that was constructed around one of the coolest rhythm beats I've ever heard.

  10. I lived down the street from Bob Radel. He introduced me to what stereo headphones could do with Sgt. Pepper! I remember when The Who were in town for an early concert and Pete had smashed his last guitar, Bob helped him get into a local music store late at night to replenish his arsenal. We used to go and listen to The Rouges rehearse at the nightclub at the Glen in Williamsville. It was the first time I had ever heard of The Who- The Rouges were covering some of the songs off The Who's first album.

  11. Im Gary Jaros's daughter and grew up listening to him play drums every day and rocking out!!! To this day he still plays the drums in 3 different bands and is still killing it at the drums! He has 4 grandchildren who are gonna follow in his foot steps playing music and drums. If anybody has some awesome memories they could pass to me that would be great, im trying to put together an awesome xmas gift for him, i would greatly appreciate it!

  12. Fantastic memories of the Rogues – hearing Please, Please, Please and the Kids Are All Right for the first time when they were rehearsing at the Glen Casino, seeing them at the Club Commodore and experiencing stobe lights for the first time amid fabulous renditions of Beatle tunes, among others. Listening to Bob Radle talking about seeing the Beatles in Toronto. Their fabulous version of the Train Kept a Rollin' driven by your dad. Some of the best make out sessions ever with my then girlfriend while dancing to their slow tunes. Would love to see a song list from any of their shows

  13. I followed the Rogues for years !!! I had them play at my high school dance (Catholic all girls school ) open to the public and made. the most money in the schools history. I knew all of them so well David Smith Gary Jaros Bob Radel and Jim Pierotti … They were the all time best!!!

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