The TOW-AWAY ZONE – \’Shabd\’ / \’Searchin\’ (Epic 5-10369) 1968

Research suggests that The Tow-Away Zone were from San Leandro, California. Check out their previously unissued cut \’Away Girl\’ on the recent Big Beat CD \’You Got Yours!\’ that compiles East Bay Garage 1965-1967.

With \’Shabd\’ The Tow-Away Zone certainly don\’t sound like a garage band. This song is a loud and trippy guitar fest with a big nod to English band Cream. It was written by bass player Randy Molitar and guitarist Phil Franks.
The A-Side is a cover of the Leiber and Stoller tune \’Searchin\’. It\’s an interesting funkadelic attack that leaves me wantin\’ more. This band definately had the talent to make more records than they did.
Tow-Away Zone pic from clearlight67\’s westcoastpsychedeliaandacidrock yahoo site….


  1. Thanks for the kind words. We just lost our lead guitarist Bjorn Nyman, a great Friend and Guitarist to the end. We will miss him with all of our hearts . Until we meet again… Your Friend, Phil

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