CATCH – Crash And Burn

CATCH – \”Catch\” (Dot DLP 25956) 1969

One of the rare occasions when a band\’s best song was not released as a single unfortunately happened to Catch. The album cut \’Crash And Burn\’ is easily their finest moment. Perhaps it was their only moment!

The long player on Dot is not a memorable affair. There\’s just too much late 60s hippie rock with a country vibe and unwanted orchestration to hold my interest. \’Crash And Burn\’ on the other hand is a cool psychedelic fuzz rocker reminiscent of Steppenwolf in full flow.

Catch were reportedly from the California region. Their album was produced by J.R. Shanklin who worked with Nilsson. Two singles were released from the album with a shortened version of \”Storm\” perhaps the pick. Members Mike Collings and Roger White moved onto a White Whale label group called Feather after their time with Catch.

\”I\’m On The Road To Memhis\” / \”Amber\” (Dot 45-17277) July 1969
\”Storm\” / \”City Ditty\” (Dot 45-17304) September 1969

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