The HOOK – Son Of Fantasy (UNI) 1968


The HOOK – ’Son Of Fantasy’ / ’Plug Your Head In’ (UNI 55057) 1968

The Hook are possibly best known for having ex Leaves guitarist Bobby Arlin in their line-up.

On this, their first 45 for UNI The Hook serve up prime heavy psych in the Hendrix/Cream kinda bag. I’d even say these two tracks were pretty good examples of acid rock…..some blistering psych leads from Arlin on both cuts.

’Son Of Fantasy’ and ’Plug Your Head In’ were both on The Hooks debut album ’the Hook Will Grab You’ but these mono 45 mixes are different and have not appeared on any compilations thus far.

The line-up on this record was:
Bobby Arlin (guitar)
Buddy Sklar (bass)
Craig Boyd (drums)

By the time of their second album ’Hooked’ they had lost original drummer Craig Boyd who was replaced by Dale Loyola and added organist Dennis Provisor.

As you can see from the picture of The Hook (this appeared on the back of the ’Hooked’ album) all band members seemed to have embraced the hippie culture and donned way-out garments except Bobby Arlin who still wore his ’folk-rock’ look from 1966.

Trivia Time:
The Hook appeared on TV Show Ironside in an episode called ’Trip To Hashbury’.

Both songs on this UNI 45 featured heavily in drug fuelled party scenes at a hippie den in Haight-Ashbury. The air date of the episode was on 21/03/68 (season 1, episode 26)….I’ve got The Hook scenes on DVD and they’re killer.

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  1. Yes, I know of Mr. Sklar indirectly through a personal family tree (Seattle_Boulder_Chicago). I'd love to interview him, I see he's jammin up a storm on Youtube…. \”Iron….s\” …hook-

  2. I'm overseeing a CD reissue of both Hook albums for Tune In. Unfortunately the alt 45 versions can't be included. If anyone can put me in contact with Leland Sklar it would be most helpful!

  3. Back in 2009 I was exchanging emails with Leland Sklar's son Cory. He was going to get his father to answer some questions I had about The Hook. Sadly he never got back to me.Anyway, Cory's email address at that time was: corysklar@gmail.comCory had his own rock band in Los Angeles. The group (can't remember name) had a website.

  4. Thanks Expo, I did manage to contact Buddy, unfortunately he has little or no recollection of his time with The Hook – he didn't even remember appearing on Ironside! However, I did track down drummer Craig Boyd so I will get some inside info on The Hook for the notes. He also has a bunch of promo photos and posters etc that he is going to scan for me too, should be a nice package when it finally comes out!

  5. A quick update – I finally managed d to track down the \”real\” Buddy. So I now have the full inside story of The Hook. I've also spoken with Dale Loyola and Dennis Provisor – expect full notes and lots of rare photos and images!

  6. That's good news indeed. A really worthwhile future release and I look forward to adding it to my collection.

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