THE TRILLIUM – \”Queen Alice\” / \”News\” (Mr G Records G-813) June 1968

Obscure band from Rochester, New York. The Trillium were not even worth a mention in Fuzz, Acid & Flowers!!! The plug side \’Queen Alice\’ is a outstanding English style pop psych with 12 string guitar and compact organ. The tune is very catchy and memorable.
Vinyl only re-issue label Dig The Fuzz compiled this song on Incredible Sound Show Stories Volume 14 and they suggested a West Coast location for the band. That comp is long gone and out of print by the way.
The flip \’News\’ is another slice of Englishness. The singer sounding just like Ray Davies. It\’s a perfect Kinks like whimsical pop song. I really dig the echoey ending on this…cool production.
Both sides have writer credits of V.Bearce and T.Davis.


  1. Noticed this one while looking for additional info on this group. The Trillium were indeed from Rochester, NY and were led by a guy named Terry Davis who was around 17 at the time this was released (around 1968). Ironically, he (Davis) ended up as part of my former band The Riviera Playboys in 2005 and played with them briefly, did a tour of Germany with them and left shortly after. I saw a few old news clippings about the group and as I recall, Davis was regarded as somewhat of a prodigy. He wrote, sang, played guitar, bass, and keyboards.Dan F.

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