BUDDY MERRILL – Without My Lover


BUDDY MERRILL – \’Without My Lover\’ / \’Escondido\’ (Accent ACS 7260) January 1969

Every so often I take a chance on a record and hand out $5 for a 45 I know nothing about. Take this record for instance. I was aware that Accent put out majestic records by The Human Expression but who is this Buddy Merrill? I\’d never heard of the guy before.

So I bought this on the strength of the label. But what a cool side \’Without My Lover\’ is. Wow!!!….yes that\’s three exclamation marks from the Expo.
It\’s an instrumental and starts of slow paced with what sounds like a moog and wah wah guitar. It\’s not punked out wah wah ala Stooges but nice and gentle, almost meandering, sounding very space age. The strings really add to the tunes greatness. Roger McGuinn would love this because it\’s got a similar Byrdsian raga rock/space rock sound evident during the \’Younger Than Yesterday\’ sessions.

I\’m picturing Buddy in his best paisley shirt, slim leg black Levis, chunky square buckle belt and cuban heels in the studio laying this tune down after dropping some LSD. Because after 1:15 seconds the fuzz kicks in (I\’m thinking at this point the acid starts to work in his head) and it turns into a killer psychedelic groover with more wah wah guitar, only bolder and louder.
Then just like a sudden storm, calm is restored once more with the gentle moog and strings.
Fucking class instro……shame that there\’s a hint of distortion on the 45 but I\’ve mastered it in mono to remove most of it and uploaded it at 320 k-bit for your delight.

I\’ve since researched Buddy Merrill and realise that he\’s a famous guitar slinger in USA but rarely went psychedelic…

BUDDY MERRILL – Without My Lover MP3

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