KEK\’66 – \’Angela\’ / \’Na Na Na\’ / \’You Treated Me Bad\’ (Guerssen SG003) 1996

When Dutch garage beat band The Kliek split in the early 90s lead singer Robert Muter formed a new band strangely called Kek\’66. He played lead guitar in his new combo and recruited Stefan Steutel on drums and Marc De Regt on bass.

I\’m certain this three song EP is all covers but I can\’t place the bands who were the originators of these songs. If anyone knows let me know…thanks.
The pick of the EP is \’Angela\’..clocking in at 1:48 it\’s pretty short but sometimes short works. This is a pleasant beat number and sung in Spanish.


  1. \’You Treated Me Bad\’ was originally by the JuJus. It\’s been comped many times, most recently on \’Scream Loud – The Fenton Story\’ double CD, which no self respecting garage head should be without.

  2. Thanks for the update….I thought that song sounded familiar. OOPS I ain\’t got the Fenton set!!….too busy buying original 45s

  3. Kek66 did a great version of \”You Can\’t Keep A Good Man Down\” right down to the solo. Very cool. Mark sent me an MP3 ages ago, don\’t have it any more. Would love another copy. Has that been comped?Art Steinman, Lead Guitar, The Jagged Edge aka The Off-Set

  4. Don\’t think the cover version has been comped and unfortunately I don\’t have it in my collection.

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