MOSS LYNCH – Nine To Five Disease


MOSS LYNCH – \’Nine To Five Disease\’ / \’Where\’s The Freedom\’ (Trip Universal T-80) 2/1971

I haven\’t been able to find out anything about Moss Lynch other than the fact that the label Trip Universal was a Miami, Florida Company. So perhaps Moss Lynch hailed from this area.
Both sides of the disc have a vague country influence. It appears that Moss has a big problem working for the \’big boss man\’. \’Nine To Five Disease\’ is full of lyrics with hippie ideals…check out the opening lyrics to the song:

\’Hey all you businessmen please
Don\’t fill me with your disease.
Cool money, sure to please.
Sell your soul to the man
For a buck if you can\’.

Well I guess this was 1971 but I\’m sure Moss eventually sold his soul to the man. but there\’s no harm in trying to \’stick it to the man\’.

The flip \’Where\’s The Freedom\’ again has Moss Lynch standing on his hippie soap box preaching to a seemingly uninterested congregation about the need to stop killing creatures, particularly birds and fish.


  1. moss lynch was from revere massachusetts,died around 1995,jack nicoloro the producer is alive and living in watertown ma.jack nicoloro was from arlington ma .haven,t seen him in years . the record was recorded in miami fla around 1971

  2. Jack is my Father in Law, and he is doing quite well. We love him lots 🙂

  3. Moss Lynch died 6/13/92. I am his widow Linda. My son, Moss Jr. found this and sent it to me.

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