the WILL-O-BEES – If You\’re Ready


The WILL-O-BEES – \’If You\’re Ready\’ / Shades Of Gray\’ (Date 2-1543) 1968

Good two sided 45 from a three piece band that I think came from New York. Fuzz, Acid & Flowers give a Chicago base but perhaps that\’s because The Will-O-Bees cover \’If You\’re Ready\’ which was originally done by a band from Chicago called The Pride And Joy. They were formally called The Del-Vetts of course.

The Will-O-Bees version is a solid effort, quite punky with some great bass lines high in the mix and a garage guitar break that is just not long enough.
The other side is also a cover version. This time they tackle The Monkees \’Shades Of Gray\’ from their Headquarters LP. It\’s a pleasant flower power style attack but still a bit rough around the edges.


  1. Believe it or not, they were actually from Richmond, Indiana. Their management team was based in NYC, so people assumed that was where they originated.

  2. The Will-O-Bees did the ORIGINAL version of \”Shades of Gray\” (as they did of several Mann-Weill songs). The Monkees version came a year later than the Will-O-Bees'.

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