The RAVES – Think Of Your Love

The RAVES – \’Mother Nature\’ / \’Mister Man\’ (Smash S-2088) April 1967

The Raves hailed from Brooklyn, New York and released three 45s on Smash. All are great garage pop classics with a slight bubblegum sound. Their debut 45 \’Mother Nature\’ is a pounding fast paced fuzzy popper with eastern promise. The flip \’Mister Man\’ treads similar ground. Both sides are insanely catchy and would have obviously sounded cool coming out of those small 60s radios because they are very well produced and mastered loud.
The producer for The Raves was Ron Haffkine. He was also producer for another New York band The Gurus. He also produced and managed Dr Hook & the Medicine Show. They of course became simply Dr Hook by the start of the 70s.

The RAVES – \’Don\’t Chop Down My Tree\’ / \’Think Of Your Love\’ (Smash S-2105) July 1967

By their second release The Raves were if anything even more commercial sounding. Can\’t believe these two records were not big hits. I\’d call this punk bubblegum. Way better than that watered down poppy stuff that followed in 1968/69….
\’Think Of Your Love\’ is genius.
A final 45 appeared on Smash (S-2162) in 1968 titled \’Everything\’s Fire\’ / \’Sing Children Sing\’. I\’ve not got this record but I\’ve heard \’Everything\’s Fire\’ and it\’s an overload of wah wah. This time though it\’s a heavier sound with trumpet….. I gotta get myself a copy sometime.

THE RAVES – Think Of Your Love

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  1. This is an excellent single. I have a band also called The Raves, our name choice dating from 1980, and I'd like to recommend this recording highly.

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