KENNY WAYNE & The KAMOTIONS – The Day When The Sun Goes Down

KENNY WAYNE & The KAMOTIONS – \’How Should I Feel\’ / \’The Day When The Sun Goes Down\’ (Candy CA-1011) 1969

I\’ve had this 45 in my archives for a while. Picked it up for a small fee because it was pretty much trashed. I\’ve seen labels in worse nick before but the vinyl itself shows real bad marks and scratches. I doubt that it\’s been in a sleeve for years or one of those deep south hicks was making out with his sister on top of the record.

Anyway, I was gonna use both sides for a Gear! compilation but despite my best remastering efforts there\’s just too much noise. And I\’m a perfectionist so will not compromise my high standards and use noisy records despite rarity or something that is sought-after.

Kenny Wayne and The Kamotions were from Shreveport, Louisiana and both of these cuts were on their album \’In Motion\’ but these mono 45 sides ain\’t seen the light of day on any comp before . This is a shame because they\’re both excelent.
\’The Day When The Sun Goes Down\’ is a moody ballad. Kenny sure is missing his girl. There\’s a constant hammond organ adding to the overall low key feel of the song.

\’How Should I Feel\’ also starts off all moody, again with cool hammond but then really picks up pace and starts to groove in a late 60s style. There\’s a memorable wah wah guitar break. Kenny\’s gruff vocals make this one a winner all round.

KENNY WAYNE & The KAMOTIONS – The Day When The Sun Goes Down MP3 (320 k-bit)

KENNY WAYNE & The KAMOTIONS – How Should I Feel MP3 (320 k-bit)

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