ENGLISH 60s POPSCENE – Killer B\’s


I put this CDR together way back in August 2005 and more or less forgot about it until a contact requested a copy a few months ago. As far as I remember I compiled this way back to offer someone as a trade for an old forum comp that I missed out on. Somehow it got around to a few other people?

Anyway the concept of this collection was simple. To re-discover or perhaps have someone enjoy for the first time high quality B-sides from 45s that were hits in England during the glory years of 1964-1967. Hence the subtitle \’Killer B\’s\’….Plus at the time I thought my cover design (with the odd bit of tinkering in photoshop to make it look pop art) was cool as fuck…

Alas, the comp is not for trade so don\’t ask. It\’s been filed away in the distant past. But I\’ll upload 5 of my favourites as MP3s when I\’ve got tyme….

HONEYBUS – Tender Are The Ashes MP3 (mono) 160 k-bit
\’Tender Are The Ashes\’ was the maraca dominated mod movin\’ flip of hit \’I Can\’t Let Maggie Go\’…this reached number 8 in England in March 1968…

MANFRED MANN – Funniest Gig MP3 (mono) 160 k-bit\’Funniest Gig\’ was the pop psych delight that was the flip of Manfred Mann\’s 1967 flop \’So Long, Dad\’…

NASHVILLE TEENS – Words MP3 (mono) 160 k-bit
By the time The Nashville Teens released the fuzz and R\’n\’B raunch 45 \’That\’s My Woman\’ in mid 1966 the hits had dried up. This record bombed. \’Words\’ is the flip and is something of a departure in sound. Gone is the fuzz punk of earlier releases and is replaced by a mod/soul crossover that brings The Action to mind. This 45 was produced by the legendary Shel Talmy.

SMALL FACES – It\’s Too Late MP3 (mono) 160 k-bitReleased in November 1965, \’It\’s Too Late\’ was the flip of The Small Faces second single \’I\’ve Got Mine\’…This moody slice of mod failed to chart which was a surprise especially because the previous release \’Whatcha Gonna Do About It\’ got to 14 in the English charts.

The WHO – Daddy Rolling Stone MP3 (mono) 160 k-bitThe flip of the feedback drenched May 1965 hit \’Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere\’ was \’Daddy Rolling Stone\’…those London mod kids not only had their purple pills but also a fucked up classy band full of pent up anger and frustration to call their own.

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