THE EQUALS – I Can See But You Don\’t Know

The EQUALS – \’I Can See But You Don\’t Know\’ / \’Gigolo Sam\’ (President Records 6102201) 1970

The Equals were a fairly successful, racially mixed English 60s band who mixed ska/reggae with pop but towards the end of their career got a tad more freaky. Take this 45 for instance.

There\’s no way on earth \’I Can See But You Don\’t Know\’ could have been a hit record. Although recorded in June 1970 it sounds like a relic from the underground scene from \’66. It\’s a fuzzed up killer with constant handclaps and a raunchy backbeat. Must have sounded pretty damned dangerous for the times. (late 1970 was a barren desert of long haired prog rock and weird theatrical bollocks…

It has been compiled before in dubius fidelity on Electric Sugar Cube Flashback Volume 2.
The flip is \’Gigolo Sam\’ and this one does sound like it belongs in the early 70s. It\’s got proto glam rock riffs and dumb lyrics. In other words it\’s GREAT but not as good as the top side.
Both sides were produced by Edward Kassner who set up President Records in 1966.
This is the Belgium picture cover release of this non hit wonder.

THE EQUALS – I Can See But You Don\’t Know

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