49. THE CLIENTELE – \'(I Want You) More Than Ever\’ / 6 A.M. Morningside\’ (Elefant Records ER-217) Dec 1999

Whilst I take my leave from the 60s for the next couple of months I\’m gonna post fifty 45s that were released after 1975 that I recommend. I\’ve got good taste and an ear for coolness so fear not my regular readers this ain\’t gonna be the \’end\’ of Renaissance Fair, more of a journey into the unknown (maybe).

In at number 49 is this marvelous record by English band The Clientele. It\’s the only record or CD I own by them (not sure why I\’ve not investigated further??) Anyway i was in one of the local record shops in Newcastle and bought this as a new release back in 2000. Not that I knew what to expect or anything, I just took a liking for the cover….

(I Want You) More Than Ever is a very fresh sounding melancholic pop tune that brings those special Curt Boettcher songs to mind. This has a lovely melody, really beautiful.

The flip \’6 a.m. Morningside\’ is just as good, perhaps even more mournful. It comes across like a mix of \’Sunday Morning\’ (Velvets) with 1968 period Donovan.

The Clientele sound 60s and they probably don\’t even mean to.

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