50. THE KLIEK – \’Sandra\’ / \’House Of Stone\’ (Twang! Records TS 130662) 1992

I\’m not sure if these scary cats wearing those even scarier clothes would entice the random record buyer into purchasing this 45. Just look at how that top hat tries to evade the blokes head sitting centre. The last time I saw a top hat that small it was racing around a monopoly board.

Fortunately I knew all about The Kliek. They just happened to be the best Dutch beat group since the 60s. \’Sandra\’ is a beat punk offering and at 2:19 is a short blast of coolness. It was written by singer Robert Muter, who would later form his new band Kek \’66 after the demise of The Kliek.

The flip \’House Of Stone\’ is a cover of The Grass Roots garage punker from 1966. Couldn\’t possibly compete with the original but it\’s a pleasant blast. Almost note for note interpretation. Could have done with more fuzz though.

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