48. THE REVOLVING PAINT DREAM – Flowers In The Sky\’ / \’In The Afternoon\’ (Creation 002) Feb 1984

I can still remember buying this record from a shop in Sunderland. I probably bought it during the week it was released, which according to information from an online source was 25th February 1984.

Only 1000 were produced and is rare and sought after. It featured Andrew Innes who went onto Primal Scream, Christine Wanless and the Jasmine Minks\’ Dave Musker on keyboards. The wraparound picture sleeve was printed by Bobby Gillespie also later to be in Primal Scream and the sleeves were folded by Alan McGhee himself as was typical of all the first twenty \’Creation\’ 7\” releases.

\’Flowers In The Sky\’ is a frenzy of guitar feedback and distortion. It\’s certainly psychedelic and this sound was ahead of it\’s time especially in England. The Rain Parade and The Dream Syndicate were experimenting with this kind of psych in USA around about the same time I suppose but I\’d heard nothing like it in my country.

The grass is green in the fields for you
The grass is green in the fields
Its red and green, its orange and blue
The grasses are there for you (cause I love you)

The flip \’In The Afternoon\’ is more of the same trippy psychedelia. It could almost be an extension of the top side but this time the vocals are female.

One for the shoegazers…..


  1. Never heard of the Revolving Paintdream before but I enjoyed the song. You say you bought the disc in Sunderland, are you from Wearside? I hail from Doxford Park and wondered if we shared any musical contemporaries? Like the blog btw.Cliff.

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