45. THE LEATHER NUN – Desolation Ave EP (Wire Records WRMS 007) 1985

Here\’s another instance where I only own one record by a band. I\’ve never even heard anything else by Swedish band The Leather Nun. I did go to one of their gigs in 1986 but can\’t remember a thing. Mustn\’t have been that impressed.

I plucked this 12\” EP from the shelves today and remembered why I probably paid to go and see them. \’Son Of A Good Family\’ is great punk rock. It\’s a mix in equal measure of The Stooges with The Ramones but with a half spoken half sung Lou Reed vocal delivery.

The Leather Nun named themselves after a London stripper and once shocked their audience by showing a porno movie at a concert. They didn\’t do this at the gig I went to otherwise I would have remembered!! 

Concert ticket from 04/11/86

songs on EP:

On The Road
Son Of A Good Family
Desolation Avenue (full length version)

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