44. THE MAKERS – Here Comes Trouble EP (Estrus ES744) 1993

Crude three track EP from Spokane, Washington band The Makers. Every bit as rabid and badly recorded as some of those original North West 60s bands. They sure look the part on the cover with their neat white jackets, black jeans and beatle boots.

It must have been a sight when they turned up for gigs in the 1965 Pontiac hearse (pictured)
The Estrus label on the 45 proclaims \’Estrus High Fidelity\’. The music on the disc is anything but \’high fidelity\’…it\’s lo-fi garage rock and roll, Back From The Grave style. I\’m sure that\’s what they were aiming for anyway.

The highlight for me is the track \’Nobody Gonna Break My Soul\’…it\’s a perfect \’66 style punker.

tracks on EP:

I Can\’t Stand It
The Mantis
Nobody Gonna Break My Soul

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