41. THE POPPEES – \’Jealousy\’ / \’She\’s Got It\’ (Line Records 6.14383) 1985

This copy is the re-issue on German label Line Records (they also released those Mindrocker compilations). This 45 originally came out on Bomp Records in 1978.

\’Jealousy\’ is a merseybeat influenced rocker displaying their obvious love for Hamburg era Beatles. There\’s plenty of \’Yeah, Yeah, Yeah\’s\’ and a cool guitar break. The other side is a cover of Little Richard\’s 1956 song \’She\’s Got It\’…. Both sides of the disc were produced by Flamin\’ Groovies Cyril Jordan.

I once read that The Poppees could have been contenders but they blew their chance with a major label (Sire) and split up shortly after in late \’78.

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  1. Please be advised of a rare reel tape discovery in Los Angeles: the unreleased debut album of The Poppees. This 12-song tape includes 1 of the group\’s 2 singles on Bomp Records, \”If She Cries.\” The songs are definitely performed by The Poppees and are not from their splinter period where they became the alternate group, The Boyfriends.The Poppees tape was found with a stack of other reel tapes, apparently from a radio station, from groups including: Yard Trauma; The Brood; The Boss Martians; and others. The tape is being researched for transfer and release—30-plus years later after the original recordings. The Poppees performances are found original and sparkling; fans will find their 3 decade wait was not in vain.Standout tracks include, \”Somebody Loves You\” and \”You\’d Never Leave.\”All The Poppees Best,Mark MatlockAndromeda International

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