40. THE UNHEARD – \’Don\’t You Stand In My Sunshine\’ / \’I Don\’t Believe\’ / \’I Don\’t Want Anything But You\’ (Kavern 7 Records K7-007) 1987

Continuing my trip through the dark recesses of my record collection, post 1975 releases, I pulled this three song EP out of an Australian box…. The Unheard were a group of four garage teen punks and their record was probably \’unheard\’ in the late 80s.

I dig the fact that they preferred to have a picture of a tone-bender fuzz box on the front cover of their record, with a very small pic of themselves on the back of the sleeve. And it\’s for that reason I\’m giving them number 40 slot on my \’Flower Bomb Songs\’ Top 50 chart.

All three songs are fuzz punkers with barely a tune to write home about. \’I Don\’t Believe\’ is perhaps their best.


  1. Thanks for dating this, I got it for free from Corduroy the other day & I digged it quite a lot (mostly because I played Side B, & hence 'I Don't Believe' first). Late '80s is not too bad for this kind of sound – I know bands that do this as we speak :).

  2. Ah my friend Pat Brownlee is/was the vocalist/keyboard/rhythm guitarist for this outfit. He'll be amused to see this here. I've sent him the link. Neat! By the way, they went well on into the 90s and were a very cool live act around Sydney, and the south coast of NSW. Their cover of the Sonics' Psycho really rocked.

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