32. VIBRASONIC – \’Don\’t Leave Me Tired\’ / \’The Unloved Insane\’ (Target Records TGT006) 1992

Both sides of this record are trippy mind blowers with fuzz, sitar, distortion and eerie sound effects. I\’m amazed that a band could get this sort of sound in 1991 when it was recorded.

The Vibrasonic were just two English musicians, Victor K. Fitch and Simon Paul Jones although the strangely named Dr Daryl Bowers played organ on \’The Unloved Insane\’….
This is psychedelia of the highest order.


  1. I remember the sound asleep used to do both these songs live way back in the day great band shame vibrasonic never played this stuff live …..

  2. I`ve got some copies of VIBRASONIC 1st Album available on vinyl with both sides of this single on it, drop me an e mail at TREMOLO RECORDS if anyone wants one.

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