08. THE FUZZTONES – \’Nine Months Later\’ / \’You Must Be A Witch\’ (Situation Two SIT 61) 1989

\’Nine Months Later\’ is a scuzzy psycho trash rocker. The chorus gloriously rips off \’Hang On Sloopy\’….but I don\’t think the Goths would have noticed (ha ha ha)….yes, for some strange reason those puny faced vampire lovers seemed to dig this line up of The Fuzztones. Well they did in England, maybe it was because of their association with The Cult and The Damned?

The flip is a cover of \’You Must Be A Witch\’ originally done by The Lollipop Shoppe of course. The Fuzztones version is a kind of heavy metal bash, far too polished. But I suppose they were signed to a major and had more studio time.

Got to mention the perverse single sleeve designed by Rudi Protrudi. The young pre school infant girl wearing sexy gear would have the Rozzer\’s banging on Rudi\’s backdoor here in the UK in 2008. We gotta protect our fuckin\’ cherubs.
The other side of the sleeve shows a baby boy in Fuzztones T-Shirt and crocodile tooth necklace sobbing his eyes out. It\’s gotta be the oldest looking nine month old baby i\’ve ever seen. He\’s even had time to grow a black mop top. A classic cover all the way.

Production by 60s legend Shel Talmy.

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